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Sales and Marketing Media

Do your marketing tools impact your target audience? Do they motivate response and increase sales or customer base? Get results with sales videos that  compel action and take your business to the next level!

HD Streaming Video (Youtube,Vimeo etc)

Do you want to reach your audience online? Internet video is the fastest growing medium right now. Everyday people are making the move to online video as a major marketing tool and is fast becoming their top priority for their digital marketing budgets.

Video Commercial Advertisements

We are proud to create memorable ad campaigns that raise awareness using creative concepts and well-executed filming to deliver the best results for your business in stunning high quality video.

Event Video Production

Do you have an upcoming special event that you want to capture for lasting memories or just to showcase on your own website?  We can ensure that your show or event is filmed professionally with lasting results and is a stunning success!

Some words about us!


LHK VISIONWORKS is a video production company with a unique blend of creative talent, experience , technical proficiency and Internet savvy.

Highly regarded for creativity and customer service,we are proud to produce unique and effective video marketing , advertisement and other media related tools  for all your video related needs. In addition , we can offer our clients video production services all over Hokkaido and Mainland Japan so if you live or do business in a remote area, no problem. we can come to you!

Our focus is to help you deliver a powerful message to your customers,clients,family and friends through video in a cinematic stylish way and to realize a strong Return on Investment.

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